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Most financing options are based on credit score or drive your customers deeper into debt, prohibiting your business from a customer’s return business and favorable endorsement.

We provide interest and fee-free payment plans that are proven to make customer expenses more attainable and affordable. Our team has decades of billings, collections and niche funding experience, which means we know exactly how to help you win new customers while ensuring that you receive the upfront and timely payments you need to grow your business.


  • Care Cap Plus payment plans are eligible to customers with credit as low as 400.

  • Care Cap Plus underwrites a customer’s ability to pay for services.

  • Customer payments include a down-payment and 12 subsequent monthly payments.

  • Your business receives a 30% upfront payment at the time of service, comprised of the 20% patient down payment and a 10% Care Cap Plus non-recourse advance.

  • The Care Cap Plus 13% servicing fee is deducted from your customer's payments. You will never be billed for fees.

  • Monthly customer payments are automatically deducted from their bank account.

  • Credit card information (required during the application process) is collected as a backup payment method, significantly reducing default.